Super Lotto Manager

The Super Lotto Manager App helps you keep track of your lotto numbers. Use the app to view past drawings. Enter your numbers to be stored and compares your numbers to the drawing you entered to determine if you are a winner. Use it to pick numbers as it has a quick pick feature to randomly pick numbers for you.

- View Past Drawings since the start of new Super Lotto format
- Save your lotto numbers so you can view them later
- Quick Pick feature to randomly pick your numbers
- After game draw, it shows your if your numbers are winner for the game date selected

These additional stats may help you decide on your lotto picks. Additional Statistics not including Mega (Rotate iPhone to view stats):
- Sum of the 5 numbers
- High/Low stats (numbers greater than 23 are high numbers)
- Odd/Even (number of odd and even numbers)

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If you encounter a bug or problems, emailĀ

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