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Discount Calculator App

Available on Android. Download here. Don’t be fooled by the combined discount and dollar off totals. This app will help you calculate the exact total discount and percent after all the savings. It will also calculate the best discount order.

Workout Mate

Available on iOS.   WorkoutMate is an exercise app that counts out load the sets and reps while you workout. It works by tracking your movements for the following exercises: Crunches, Push Ups, Pull Ups. More coming soon. Instructions: – Place iPhone or iPod touch in pocket to perform Pull Ups or Push Ups. – [...]

Venus Fly Trap App

Available on iOS.   Your very own Venus Fly Trap. Just drag the fly into the fly trap and watch it devour its prey. Shake to reset the fly trap for its next prey.

US Statehood Quarters App

Available on iOS. US Statehood Quarters App is an iPhone and iPod Touch app to keep track of your quarter collection depicting each of the 50 US states issued from 1999 to 2008. Ever look through your change and wonder if you have that state quarter in your collection. Now you can use this application [...]

US Presidential Dollars App

Available on iOS. The United States is honoring our Nation’s Presidents by issuing $1 circulating coins featuring their images in the order that they served. The United States Mint issues four Presidential $1 Coins per year. Use this iPhone or iPod Touch app to keep track of your collection. If you have started collection, it’s [...]

Turkey Tap App

Available on iOS   Welcome to Turkey Tap. Tap as many turkeys to gain points. You start with 5 lives. Earn an extra life when you tap the turkey egg gaining a maximum of 5 lives. You lose a life for each turkey that you miss. As you tap more turkey eggs, the harder it [...]

Tennis Score Keeper App

Available on iOS.   Tennis Score Keeper tracks the points played during a tennis game. For those new to the game of tennis, this is a good way to learn the scoring system. Just click the tennis ball to add a point to that player’s score. The free version tracks one game at a time. [...]

Tap Horse Race App

Available on iOS. Challenge your family and friends to a horse race. In order to get your horse to run, tap the button for your horse as quickly as possible. Up to 6 players can play together or you can play against the computer in 1 player mode. The objective is to tap the button [...]

StackIt Up App

Available on iOS. This game tests your hand and eye coordination. Try to stop the blocks so they stack on top of each other. Keep an eye on the blocks and your hand on the button. The blocks will move from side to side and its your objective to stop the blocks so that they [...]

Silver Panda App

Available on iOS. The Silver Panda Coins app is an iPhone and iPod Touch app to China Panda Coin enthusiasts! View the images of the Silver Pandas including year, weight, and mintage information. Don’t forget to try our companion app Gold Panda Coins. Brought to you by Ever since the first Brilliant Uncirculated 1 [...]