Workout Mate

WorkoutMate is an exercise app that counts out load the sets and reps while you workout. It works by tracking your movements for the following exercises: Crunches, Push Ups, Pull Ups. More coming soon.
- Place iPhone or iPod touch in pocket to perform Pull Ups or Push Ups.
- Hold iPhone or iPod touch flat on upper chest for crunches.

- Easy interface to input your sets and reps.
- Maximum input of 100 sets and 100 reps.
- Pauses automatically after each set.
- Pause button to pause your workout.
- Stop button to end workout.
- Option to save workout history when ending workout.

Future Enhancements:
- Free upgrades to future versions.
- More exercises coming soon.
- Sensitivity control to adjust movement tracking.
- Edit workout history.

If you encounter a bug or problems, emailĀ

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